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Project Experiences
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   Dissolved Gas Analysis
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Goal of Smart Chemistry Corporation

The goal of Smart Chemistry Corporation (SCC) is to provide superior chemical analytical  services for different private industries and government.  For non-routine analysis, Smart Chemistry can set up procedures and instrumentation specifically tailored to the client's requirement.  In the area of contract research and development, Smart Chemistry can perform literature research, develop pilot studies, or scale up at the cost plus or fixed price basis.

History of Smart Chemistry Corporation

Smart Chemistry Corporation was formed in November 25, 1998 in Sacramento, CA by Dr. J. P. Hsu, who had more than 20 years of industrial experience in contract research and development related to environmental chemistry.  In the past, he was director of the Department of Environmental Chemistry for a large not-for-profit research and development center, Southwest Research Institute, for thirteen years.  He has developed many large programs in the areas of:

  • Environmental monitoring and analysis
  • Air monitoring and analysis
  • Clean room air/water analysis and problem solving
  • Human exposure to pesticides
  • Pesticides registration
  • Pesticides in produce
  • Mixed waste analysis
  • Personnel and Facility

SCC is located on a 12,000 square feet modern laboratory compliant with all laboratory codes set by the State of California.  The facility is on an one acre land with fenced parking lot and maximum security. Currently, SCC has three senior chemists with several junior chemists and laboratory techs. 

SCC performs projects in all areas of chemical analysis. We are known for our specialization in the trace analysis of volatile/semi volatile organic compounds and pesticides in various different matrices, especially air.  Each problem is different, thus each client will be treated individually with a specific solution for their specific needs. 

Project Experiences

Air Analysis

In the past four years, SCC has set up and performed EPA TO14/15 analysis, including hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, using air canister and tedlar bag total project amount more than one million dollars for soil gas, processed air, ambient air with detection limits from 0.2 to 1 ppbv from

  • Air Force McClellan AFB
  • Air Force Mather AFB
  • Chemical Sale Site in Denver
  • Navy Crows Landing Site
  • Navy Hunters Point Shipyard
  • Navy Treasure Island
  • EPA McFarland Site
  • County of Sacramento
  • Impurities in reagent gases
  • Many other private industrial sites

Dissolved Gas Analysis

SCC performed the analysis of dissolved gases in water using headspace analysis.  The dissolved gases include methane, ethane, ethane, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide for many private sites around the nation. 

Polynuclear Aromatic and Explosive Analysis

SCC performed HPLC analysis of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons and explosives in mobile laboratories for the Tourtelot Cleanup Project. 

Research And Development

Wangtec Technologies, Inc.

SCC assisted Wangtec Technologies to evaluate Wangtec Hydrogen transformer for fuel cell.  Three different tests have been performed using fuel methanol, natural gas, ethanol, gasoline, and LPG.  SCC performs exhaust sampling using canister and chemical analyses of exhaust, which includes hydrogen, fixed gases, methane/ethane/ethane, propane/propene, water, methanol and TO14 target compounds plus tentatively identified compounds. SCC also analyzes the data and comes up with a reaction mechanism.

Oak Parker Associate  

SCC has performed PCBs, volatile, and semi-volatile impurities analysis in natural gas.

Organic Synthesis

SCC developed several novel procedures for synthesis of special compounds to reduce our client's manufacturing cost.  

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