Health Cigarette Filter 

This filter removes more toxic polynuclear aromatics and cyanide generated during smoking than any other cigarette filters in the market, while allowing maximum nicotine passage. Health Cigarette Filter has this advantage due to the unique manufacturing process that confers it the ability to bind to more toxic compounds. 

In addition to nicotine, smoking cigarettes also produces tar, which contains many toxic polynuclear aromatics that are potential carcinogens. The formation of polynuclear aromatics is the result of incomplete combustion of cigarette due to short burning resident time. These toxic polynuclear aromatics contaminate and damage not only the smoker's pulmonary system, but also the surrounding environment and people, who inhale this second hand smoke. The Health Cigarette Filter removes these contaminant from cigarette smoke and at the same time preserves the taste and nicotine. 

Health Cigarette Filter
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