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If you have trouble adapting to the nicotine patch, nicotine inhaler, or even the nicotine gum, the Health Cigarette Filter might be the solution for you. The Health Cigarette Filter was designed to slowly wean a smoker from cigarettes to nicotine patch, gum, or inhaler. If you find your compliance with the nicotine patch (or other products) low, do not be discouraged. Numerous studies have found compliance low. Using the Health Cigarette Filter may be the key to helping one move painlessly without withdrawal from smoking to patch, gum, or inhaler alone. Length of time in going from a cigarette with Health Cigarette Filter to products such as the patch, gum, or inhaler depends on the user. Some may quickly decrease the amount of smoking per day while others may take more time. The goal is to slowly switch the nicotine source form cigarette to a nontobacco nicotine product without withdrawal. Then from there, one should ideally decrease his or her dependence on the patch, gum, or inhaler itself.

Remember the Health Cigarette Filter does not make smoking safe. It decreases the amount of carcinogenic compounds inhaled, thus decreasing chances of lung cancer and other related illnesses due to lung damage such as emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, and congestive pulmonary obstructive disease. It does not decrease the effects of nicotine, thus risks of coronary artery disease, myocardial infarctions, hypertension, stroke, and transient ischemic attacks are still present.

Health Cigarette Filter
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